The First Time I Found Daft Punk

Daft Punk’s, Digital Love, off of the album Discovery is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. I remember the first time I truly fell in love with the poppy electronic french band. Growing up I had always heard them in the back of soundtracks or my friends jamming out to them, but I had never emotionally invested myself in their music. It was after I watched the french indie film, Eden, which documented the life of a DJ during the Daft Punk/ garage electronic movement in the 1980’s, that I realized the greatness/ historical relevance that is Daft Punk. I woke up the next morning and played Digital Love. Upon listening to the track, I was slowly overcome by the bopping bass and began to dance over and over again in my underwear. Jumping up and down and feeling the music. Doing the robot in front of my mirror and having a profound spiritual awakening listening to their music. This was during a very free and expressive time for me. I was painting everyday, creating dance pieces for galleries and learning my bongos. I would do art for hours. Switching from one medium to the next expressing myself creatively. I felt so alive in that time period. Doing art is the healthiest thing I could do with my life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pay the bills and it doesn’t help you graduate. However, two days ago, I just graduated college. I’m thinking to myself: Now What? Who am I? Where do I go? What is my path?

However, I think my soulĀ is telling me something pretty distinct.

Let’s go back to summer.

Let’s go back to Daft Punk.

Let’s go back to art.


The Helix Nebula

The Helix Nebula

The Helix Nebula
Sometimes in the broken barrier of a rising sun
The moon presses against its baring chest

Awaken me for I am hazy and without rest

Rain formed from endless love
Love molded and shaped from boxed souls

smothered and unable to breath
From the hallway a window opened
The wind blows like wave-sickled particles
Along the crooked hallway
Lays a dying man
His face is covered in black
And bares a crooked hand
The den in which he sleeps colored by explosions in the sky
Slowly dying waiting a brief encounter from his third eye
A planet completely uninhabited

In the middle of the room
Spiraling, death and destruction
Gravitational chaos encrypted by the weight of uncaring doom
A vacuum of emptiness
Thousands of lost souls searching

standing alone like a brideless groom


Harbinger of a painless syndrome

What if we stumbled into heaven?
Zero correspondence
No assumption of up or down

expanding in all directions


Not once fearing the ground
Do you think a lion killing a gazelle is evil?
It does not disparage

Entropy- has no victims but the victims themselves
Only thing left to do is jump