Paige Swanson

Renascentia Fashionsita is a lifestyle blog focused on fostering critical self-awareness and mindfulness for its audience members. I share simple reviews and rating for college students and influence consumers to make conscious choices during their purchases and more.

Renascentia is latin meaning to be re-born. It is a metaphor for the contrite heart. To recycle, re-new and regenerate the world while still expressing yourself. The butterfly, the emblem of Renascentia Fashionista, is a symbol for the individual who is constantly growing and evolving.

On Renascentia Fashionista you’ll find thrift shop reviews and ratings, style-inspiration, mindfulness techniques, art, poetry and daily guidance for women’s empowerment.

our motto: embrace who you are. 

About the Author: 

Paige Swanson is a brand enthusiast and stylist from the Austin area. She believes in bettering her community and impacting her surroundings through charity advocacy, education and awareness for the local art community. She is an adventurist, dog-lover and artist trying to make a creative difference and spread a little light.

Paige Swanson
Paige Swanson

1 thought on “Paige Swanson”

  1. Paige, I adore your style. I found your blog on daily grace to be motivational and meaningful. What a beautiful essence you have and a precious gift for communicating it with words and style. Your thrift store dominated fashion sense is impeccable. Your outfits have an artistic, texture rich, savvy appeal with a generous splash of confidence and adventure. I look forward to reading more… Thank you for your work on this consciousness raising enterprise.
    With love,
    Jill Swanson
    (Jared’s mom)

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