Paige Swanson – Psychotherapist in Training

Renascentia Fashionsita is a philosophy, art and spirituality blog focused on fostering critical self-awareness and mindfulness for its audience members. I share discourse on civil issues, psychological techniques for treatment, philosophy and art.

Renascentia is Latin meaning to be re-born. It is a metaphor for the contrite heart. To recycle, renew and regenerate the world while still expressing yourself. The butterfly, the emblem of Renascentia Fashionista, is a symbol for the individual who is constantly growing and evolving.

On Renascentia Fashionista you’ll find art, mindfulness techniques, science, poetry and daily guidance for women’s empowerment.

our motto: embrace who you are. 

Professional Experience:

I am a psychotherapist in training, who writes about topics in psychopathology, theory, and technique for treatment options in mental health. I use a variety of different methods to help individuals cope with long-term mental illness, trauma & anxiety. Personally, I approach healing as a creative art form and a scientific practice. I use both scientifically proven methods and creative arts to help individuals process, regulate and stabilize emotional dysregulations. I also have experience in life coaching and working with executives in Corporate America define a clear path to navigate their blooming careers.


Northwestern Universtiy M.A. – Center of Applied Psychological and Family Studies

Texas State University – B.S.

Research Experience: 

Southern Methodist University – Research Assistant in the Anxiety & Depression Lab


Business Experience: 

Gained experience in Corporate America helping start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.


1 Comment

  1. Paige, I adore your style. I found your blog on daily grace to be motivational and meaningful. What a beautiful essence you have and a precious gift for communicating it with words and style. Your thrift store dominated fashion sense is impeccable. Your outfits have an artistic, texture rich, savvy appeal with a generous splash of confidence and adventure. I look forward to reading more… Thank you for your work on this consciousness raising enterprise.
    With love,
    Jill Swanson
    (Jared’s mom)

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