Past Exhibitions:

Mondo Art Exhibition and Performance Dance – Austin, Texas 2016

Artheism Performance Art Collective – Austin, Texas 2017

Wake The Dead Coffee House – San Marcos, Texas 2017-2018

DeadHaus Art – New Braunsfels, Texas 2018

Sloom Electronic Music Partnership- Performances Empire Control Room, SXSW2016,


Live Painting:

RawPaw Art Collective Live Painting – Austin, Texas 2016

Hannah Natalie Art Exhibition – Austin, Texas 2016


Music Videos:

Lindred Music Video –

Austin Music Video Awards Recipient

CAPYAC Music Video – Speed Racer

Sloom Music Video – Sloom Production Music Video

Holiday Mountain Music Video – “Get Really Freaky”



Lindred at Studium

Collaborated with musical engineering graduate, from the Berklee college of music, to develop a visual media dance piece which emphasized dance and music as a symbiotic art-form that develops from one another. The piece was created for producer, Lindred’s, debut soloist showcase. The narrative encapsulate’s the importance of disarming fear in the face of adversity, by re-programing, starting over and feeling only love.


Contemporary Art Pieces:





Paige Swanson Art 4img_2472img_223511667309_10204663688579457_1525390428966006778_nPaige SwansonDancer19018_917139145018617_6837524080111979452_nAbout the AuthorIMG_1378img_2232yes11885746_10153548442505763_6408886655477914921_o11875173_10153548441205763_4689146390333077756_o












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