Love, Centeredness and Wholeness Meditation


What are the projections, misunderstood fantasies, scripts and externalized emotions that inhibit your ability to connect with a real dimension of wholeness?

Understanding the places in our souls that need extra love and care can be hard to discover. Sometimes, we fall into categories or scripts that can be illusionary or outward projections of fantasies we aren’t meeting within ourselves. To love yourself is such a delicate process. It is painful realizing you have been behaving in ways that don’t serve your highest good. Or that you’ve been projecting unhealed issues on other people as a coping mechanism to help you get through the problems in your life. But witnessing and observing these emotions delicately is so important. More importantly, practicing self-compassion with ourselves.

So what! We messed up. We said the wrong thing. We overreacted. 

That is a good thing. That just means you’re a little more alive than before. It means you found a place in your heart that needs healing. That is a beautiful, immaculate thing.

Whenever I am disappointed or feel bad about myself, I can feel it in my body. My chest sinks, my eyes lower and overall I feel terrible. I don’t feel whole, in fact, I just want to hide. But that is the first clue something great is about to happen.

This is a meditation to help with creating love, centeredness, and wholeness within yourself.

I play this song when I am feeling like I need to connect with my heart center. When you practice this meditation, close your eyes and focus on the feeling that is causing the discomfort.

  • What are the stories you are telling yourself?
  • What does an unwitnessed pattern of behavior signify about you as an individual?
  • Where can you be more self-compassionate about your journey?
  • How can you be thankful for the hard experiences? What lessons have they taught you?

Sit in the silence and place your hand on your heart. Feel the warmth and witness what comes up for you.

It probably isn’t as scary as you thought it was. In fact, it was exactly the lesson you needed to learn to connect you to a higher potential within yourself.

Take each failure, mistake and hardship – to LOVE yourself.


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