The Observer

Sometimes I watch myself

as if I am myself

the great observer

cloak hangs like the tooth of a raven

long black cloak hangs off my name

we’re all watchers

high upon the mountain

the sun beats down my neck

I am alive inside zero

a continuum of intersectionality

why does the little mouse hide?

why does the scarecrow hang?

Running like diamonds drenched in blood

inside a locus of control that is disenfranchised

escape with me

escape with me

help me from my misery

escape with me

you’re like a flower hanging from the stars

inside your voice, I travel away

I travel away

away from the mountain, I watch myself go

away from the mountain, cries my soul

we’re the mountain

observers not

we’re the mountain

we’re nature, a part of it too

blessed be the nature that’s inside of you Coloraod 4


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