Creativity is my Motivation

Have you ever approached a period in your life when you’ve considered giving up? I remember when I was in high school, I wanted to give up on dance. I turned my back on dancing and decided to pursue visual art. Little to my knowledge, I was going to be better at expressing my individuality in an art class, then I was standing in unison cheering for a football team.

I ended up getting accepted into some of the best creative art schools in the country. However, naturally rebellious in my youth, my mother opted out of paying a high-end art tuition. In revolt, I stopped pursuing art – for a time.

I wanted to be a painter or dancer, and I had truly felt like I was getting cheated out some kind of entitled right to pursue my passion.

When I turned my back on art for three years, I felt more disconnected from the experience of who I was than ever before. I honestly became a disingenuous, fake production of myself. It took me a lot of time to come back around and realize that the mere act of expressing myself creatively is something that is critically inherent to who I am as an individual. I learned a lot about my journey, and I know recognize that creativity is everywhere.

Creativity is in the way we walk. Creativity is the way we cook. Creativity is the way we deeply allow each moment to pass with serenity. It is the voice in the back of your head that wants to play, dance and laugh. I am proud to say that I found abstract painting and ballet as a means of individualistic expression. And I don’t see this as a method of giving up, but possibly moving forward to pursue creativity in different facets of society.

I will always be a dancer.

I will always be a painter.

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