Wandering in the snow, lost in time
It’s a foolish, desperate crime
I want all that is not mine
I want them
In the darkness, there is a song
sung only to those who really need a blow
my limbs are trees
where my skin unravels
in the middle of the woods
So follow me in the darkness
to the place where there is no savior
and I will breathe this air
oh, no
oh, no
oh, no
There are places all our friends go
They hide their pride
and I beckon you
slowly, twisted like paper
There are places no one else will go
so follow me into the woods
and I knew the blackness was whole
you’re apart of me
you’re into me
and I fly soaring over trees
my eyes drift in the leaves
like Christmas eve reversed to Halloween
life in the middle of the road
traversing home

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