Life is full of rainbows. 

I think it is in misery we find laughter. In sadness we find hope. In hope, we find new beginnings. The thought that every day we have a chance to start over again is incredible to me. We are not the declaration of our past and we are not the sum of our current actions. We are the present. We are the body. It is easy to get swept away in either place. The past and the future. Forgetting where we are now. Not remembering to love ourselves through the pain. The plague of existence is being any less alive than we are. Once, I realized we can’t keep plants indoors. It was a silly realization. Like a tiger passing back and forth madly in a cage, hoping to find something beyond the caged existence it once knew. Or not realizing that captivity is a temporary state of being.

We imprison ourselves and others. We don’t allow people to feel the depth of the human experience because ourselves don’t want to feel the depth of what it means to be human. To feel, connect, to touch and to breathe in the air one breath at a time. We’re prisoners of our thoughts. We’re prisoners of others judgements. We don’t know what it means to truly fly. The way of love is not subtle argument. Birds fly without wings and before they fall they’re given new life.

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