Alone on an Island


As light hits day
you hold my body, you carry me away
Little boy where did you go
sit beneath the orchid and watch the summers glow
Alone on an island
solemnly sworn, heartless convictions and sweaters torn
a recluse unexplored, melted away
Laying on an island, exploring the day
Awake my body
Awake my soul
this isn’t a drama stop stomping your blow
on a wild rainbow laced in hidden ecstasy
he rides through the night and darkness encases me
He carries a load the tales of strangers untold
To an island far away
He carries his load to rest one more day
The storm is coming he packs up his ship
The storm is a coming he feels the grip of life’s quick quip
Bow your head and bare beneath the salty sea
Lay and exile and feel my sultry harmony
lay beneath my body and feel my mind
the storm is a river and I am the air
Your body a haven
and I sit beneath its heavens glow
and I wait for something more than everything I know
And it isn’t fair that I can’t complete this flight because reckless wandering has caused great fright
So lay on island
alone you can’t feel me
So lay on an island
alone and heal me


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