Why Time is Genuinely Relative 



Time is an anomly to me.

How do we truly respectively study and begin to understand the measurement of time? It seems to be a non-concrete standardization that is applied to so many different aspects of our daily functioning but still remains incomprehensible at times. Time is so natural to who we’re as a human species we can even measure it with the beat of our heart, but why is it that we can’t fully seem to grasp it?  Why is it that time is always moving farther or closer from us? We seem to lose it like water slipping through the palms of our hands. Sometimes we have so much of it we feel useless and the clock ticks slower and slower. Sometimes we feel like we can’t keep up with it and in the blink of an eye a moment is gone.

Albert Einstein was very enlightened about the natural properties and nature of time. Although, I am no physicist, there seems to be a law of the natural order of things that Einstein gets completely and totally right about the inconceivable properties of time. In Einstein’s, Special Theory of Relativity, he points to a very  important conclusion about the standards of time.

According to Einstein, relativity tells us that everyone always measures the speed of light to be the same, and this agreement about the speed of light leads inevitably to the fact that you cannot outrace your own light. And if you could outrace your own light, then others looking at you will always see you moving slower than any light you emit or reflect. To me this doesn’t come down to the scientific elements of the speed of light versus the hypothetical speed of a human traveler. I think there is a lesson to learn from this. If you think about the values and properties of nature, we know that we’re all constantly racing in something but our race is completely relative because the speed at which we’re traveling isn’t affected by the rate at which we run or travel but the distance and space we’re trying to go. I think the basis of this idea isn’t grounded in the assumption that time is relative, however, motion itself is relative. Take for example, if someone from the moon was watching a race from outer space. The people on the moon would conceive the motion of the racers to be traveling at different speeds, than people who are on earth watching the race. This says something incredibly important about the relation of time to an individual or object.  Time is affected by the space in which people are watching and perception of its motion. An old saying pops into the back of my head, as I continue writing, “It is not about how fast you go, the destination but the journey.” In our daily lives, we expect different people from different reference frames or cultures to perceive an individual to be moving faster or slower.

Think about your Facebook Feed, when you see all of your friends getting married, having careers or completing their dreams before you. It is important to understand that the laws of nature are the same for everyone. We are all on a special path. However, our journey to that completion could just be longer than the individual next to us. And according to Einstein’s Laws of Special Relativity their completion to a certain destination makes them no better or different than you because the truth is there really is no crucial completion. There is life and death and the spaces in between. Competing for more time in this world, more things is a privy concept that will just leave you exhausted because in reality time is relative. So, just do what makes you happy and don’t look back because physically you can’t. We can only travel to the future!

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