How To Believe In Magic Again

Austin Green Belt

For those of you who forgot what it means to be magical, it would be excellent for  you to listen closely.

Magic isn’t only found in the storybooks and fairy tales you might have read when you were little. Magic can be seen in the ordinary. It is that little fluttering in your heart when you stumble upon your deepest desires. The weird feeling you get when you are thinking about an old friend and then they pop up on your cell-phone two minutes later. Magic can even be seen by the sparkle in the corner of your eye when you think of something completely new and original.

In our everyday lives, it is especially hard to see the magic.

Lately, I’ve forgotten to see the magic in my own life.
Since the winter has come and my search for a job pre-graduation has reached a pinnacle level of frustration. I have forgotten to see the beauty in my own life.

This summer, I was in a state of self-discovery and it was one of the most beautiful, mystical adventures I had ever experienced. I was in a state of perpetual spiritual bliss. Instead of waking up every morning, checking my inbox and sending out resumes. I began each morning with a deep exploration and a run through the Austin Green Belt. I can’t explain the amount of healing I experienced at that magical and beautiful place. I truly felt connected to the earth. Nature is one of the most magical things this world has to offer us. It is a place to be wild, free and completely loved. I would spend my nights under the moonlight topless and dancing as if I was some mysterious nymph no longer bounded by the laws that govern society. During the days, I would take my books of poetry, philosophy and mysticism down to the banks of the water and dip my feet in reflecting on what it truly meant to be universally compassionate to others and myself. When I would feel anxiety and the weight of the world crash down on me; I would walk the Green Belt’s trails. There I would look into the trees and sing with the birds. Little songs. And I felt magic, I felt love and I felt alive.

So, how should we continue to feel more alive everyday in our life? How do continue to see the magic?

1. Spend Time In Nature

We get up everyday and the world beats down a little harder. Our alarm clocks rings and the message from our computer beeps: 14 new e-mails. Quickly, we begin typing away, hoping, Barbara, from accounting on the 4th floor doesn’t send that incorrect excel file to our manager. In a jolt of anxious frustration, our heart just about races and flies through the roof. We develop this practice instead of taking the time to enjoy the fact we’re alive this morning. If I could offer one piece of advice. Begin your mornings with a walk, observation and contemplation of the nature that is all around you- magically. Get out of your own reality and step into the magical, infinite reality of the universe. Find peace, space and reflect. Then when you’re ready. Open your computer and begin your morning completely fresh and rejuvenated.


2. Slow Down

One time, I was running with a couple of great girl friends and we were running through a new part of the city. One of my favorite places to visit that looks like wetlands. I remember thinking in the back of my head, “how I am supposed to sit and enjoy this beautiful view if I am running?” When you’re spending your life always trying to catch up to something. Trying to be something. You miss the beauty that is right in front of you. You miss the birds flying with their wings stretched wide like the beautiful grasp of a mothers embrace. You miss the turtles diving from the lily pads and the sound that is reverberated from the water.

There is nothing more magical than breathing, listening and taking in the enchanting song of the wind. Of sitting with the rain and letting it wash away everything you’ve ever feared.

The only way you can find this peace is by slowing down and listening to the surrounding that encompass you.


3. Stop Taking Nature For Granted

It’s when we stop being thankful for all that nature has given us that we stop seeing the magic in our lives. When we stop recognizing the change in the seasons and the leaves that fall like sand from the branches on the trees. We lose sight. We lose hope. We can only begin to re-connect with the healing and loving properties of nature when we realize it or we won’t always be around. When we need to get outside and breath the salty, sweet air. When we do these things. We begin to realize we aren’t superior. In fact, we’re anything but superior beings. We are conscious and awake but we’re 1/10 of million times smaller than we’d ever imagined we could be. We’re blades of grass, falling snowflakes in the infinite space that is the universe.

and it is those realizations that make you so grateful for being alive every single day.




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