Faith is assurance in the face of defeat


Graduating college is a scary and insightful experience. I spent the majority of my college career living so cautiously, I never experienced failure. I did everything right and checked off every box. I got multiple internships, made deans list and became what some might call a “control freak.” I lost purpose and began chasing a dream that I never actually wanted. In fact, money for a short period of time was the only thing I really desired. That hollow and shallow motivation left me with what I like to call a breakdown  spiritual awakening. I decided to start living my life for a greater purpose (God’s purpose.) Little did I know fulfilling that purpose wasn’t going to be handed over to me in a silver spoon. Yes, changing your life and starting over from scratch is bound to be laden with speed bumps.

However, like Pslams 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” 

But that doesn’t mean god or universe is some genie who is going to grant your every wish you make. That is actually the opposite of what God is. God is here to help you realize your potential. To allow you to cultivate to skills to wake up and begin living the life you’ve always imagined. It is up to you to make the necessary steps after that to move forward. And it isn’t going to be easy. It is going to filled with failure. That is because when you start living out your dreams, you’re no longer living your life in anticipation of failure. However, you’re intensely and courageously leaning into the discomfort. You’re taking risks and chances you’ve never dreamed before, which is why faith and belief are so important. Not religion or hope. Hope says, “I will sit here and hope one day my dreams will become a reality.” That isn’t what hard-work and determination do. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen. Faith is the ability to leap over the fire and make it landing on two feet.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams.



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