Why loving someone means setting them free


Learning what it means to love unconditionally will change your heart and set your soul on fire. However, it is not an easy feat. I still go into situations projecting my wants and desires on individuals. Wanting them to be something for me that I am not currently serving in myself. It is hard to completely and utterly accept a person for who they are. Especially, when the heart wants what it wants. Falling in love with a man who doesn’t love you back can be one of the most hurtful, painful experiences someone can go through. Getting your heart broken by an ex-lover and watching them move on faster than you can crush your soul. However, that is why learning to love unconditionally is so crucial in living a peaceful life. Mostly, because those desires to cling and attach to individuals aren’t real. That is – in fact- a mask we place on who we truly are. That mask is our ego. Our ego constantly desires to control people and situations because we’re afraid. We’re desperate and clingy because we don’t see that loving is actually setting someone free. When someone doesn’t want to be with us, our ego acts out of fear and anger. However, the ego’s purpose is to make us continually self-destruct without knowing that we’re doing it. So, we say that nasty comment, we obsess, cling and push the ones that we love away. Until, they can no longer love us. I am a victim to this self-destruction. It is my poison. I honestly wish everyday I was better at letting go. At cutting ties and letting people be where they want to be. I think the greatest challenge is leaving the past and living in the now. They’re no longer a part of your life and that is alright because you can love them just the same. Here in your heart. That is all that matters. No, matter how much it hurts.

So, what do we do with our fear, our anger, that clouds the love that is inside us?

We relinquish our pain.

We give it up.

We let go.

We move forward.

Only then will our pain be transformed from an attack on another person to love.

and we contemplate on what it truly means to love by understanding what it truly means to unconditionally LOVE

“Love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” 

“I fell in love with him not because he silenced all my fears or made me fell so safe; I fell in love with him because he awoke a sleeping lioness within me- a wild woman who knows only passion and freedom and laughs away her fears.” 

“If it’s not making you better, it isn’t love. True love makes you more of who you are, not less.” 

“Find a partner who encourages you to grow, who won’t cling to you, who will let you go out into the world, and trust that you will come back.” 

“If you really love the person you will give him or her absolute freedom– that’s a gift of love and when there is freedom love responds tremendously. When you give freedom to somebody you have given the greatest gift, and love comes rushing towards you.” 

“Love is never ownership.” 

“True love comes from someone who challenges you, stands behind you when you need them, is always there in the background in case you fall, and lets you roam free, giving you the space you need to grow as a person.” 

“The most perfect relationship is the one that supports you in fulfilling your destiny- the one that empowers you to be everything you are meant to be in this world and beyond.” 




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