Un-sex Me Goddess
It was in that hour I sat beneath your sturdy roots and thought of lilies so white that the clouds overlooked their own names
And in the song I sang for you
I believed it was there that I saw grace
At dusk the birds they fly
Expanding their wings soaring towards the pearl kissed line of your cheek
And Jupiter sets his hand upon your bosom and sucks out the beat of your heart till you cry whispering songs of rejoice and folly
And goddess lay naked and wrapped in sea foam pearls that hang beneath her sink spotted mole
Oh, I crave to touch her skin like cream from the milk of my pasture
And her roses bloom without a faintest thought
My dear sweet mother!
You are un-sexed
wild like the storm of chaos and calming like the winds of mercy
I sit and fear your kiss that pricks the edge of my pouted, swollen lips
And I discover you
Airy in this breathe of light that holds me tenderly basking by my sun-spotted skin
Your green galloping hills filled with prosperity and abundance
So vast, I coo like an owl waiting for the break of dawns mysterious laughter gathered together like patches of your tickled green grasses.
So, light and fluffy they soften every blow
And your song plays the colors of my eyes shut closed
Beauty imparts my horrid mind for just your name is more divine than all I have seen in this world
And I hold you in my hands and let you feel the sweat that drips from the tip of my brow and trickles down around the edge of my fully awakened breast and I feel more alive in your slumber
than I do sleeping in the bed of your son
Who I no longer remember.

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