Thrift Shop Trash or Treasure: Vagabond

Welcome to Vagabond

This quaint and interesting thrift shop located in the heart of San Marcos, Texas, takes you back to an age where Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were shredding their guitar and hippies were running through the woods spreading love.

It has everything a modern-day hippie could ask for including, the best selection of western leather boots I’ve seen in a long time. The thrash-like decor and low-lighting allows shoppers to immerse themselves in a classic vinyl age.

The style assortment of this shop is varied and edgy. However, the most influential part of this store is the assortment of hard-rock and classic band t-shirts. Scrolling through the racks of clothing, I found a t-shirt that had a skull with a heavy metal band on it. It made me feel edgy and perfectly okay with embarrassing my dark and wild side.

The prices are moderate and the selection is very well curated by the shop owner and buyer. I would give this store a rating of 7 stars.

A point deducted for hospitality and over-all shop owner friendliness. However, when you go to a place that is as bad-ass as this store, you’re probably going to run into some pretty hard-rocking characters.




Renascentia Fashionista








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