The Jewel

There in the garden lays a black pearled necklace

Like the snake who lays immobile and lucid

Waiting for someone to notice

It stands still

Do you see me?

A girl

Golden spiraled locks staring at the wind

Hangs her head and cries

She touches her neck and feels a thickening nakedness

A picturesque flash and there she lays in the garden

Her legs crossed and her back lies hard on the burdened surface

A fly flies around her and she sets her cigarette down

Burning through the blackness of her suit

A black hole remains

She doesn’t feel a thing

A tear roles down her neck and touches the tip of her spin

Her nails are pink.

Just the way they like.

Every morning, she wakes and paints a pink plastic coat over each nail hoping people won’t see her dirty, tainted hands

A pretty, little necklace left abandoned in the woods

Thieves in the night lurk behind vacant corridors

Searching for lost jewels

They love a stolen stone sparkling in the vacancy of erotic ecstasy

She lays jaded

Love is for the weak and lonely

The devil loves to love

Like a thief loves the joy of picking pennies

The devil catches you

One false step and it will fall on you

And Fitzgerald surfaces her mind:

“I hope she’ll be a fool- that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.”

Foolish games are for foolish hearts

Hearts struck by the charming chords of the moons last dance

And she whispers to the wind,

“I’m working on letting you go but your distant company touches my soul.”

The devil loves to love a forgotten soul

A passenger sailing the wind with nowhere to go

She is in the garden again

And a black cat passes through the tumbling weeds

Her friend says, at night I can see shadows in the trees

Shadows in trees are nothing more than buzzing wings of bees

A bird call you miss in the silent breeze

An awakening perception

And the day takes the night over the moon

And the leaves fall crackle at the suns dimming gloom

Mother send me a sign: Do I stay or do I go?

Two simple truths

A choice only she will know

You’re a minister to your magic mockery

There in the shadow she appears

Laying silently by my side

“Dear sweet innumerable child, my sweet scented breathe coursed by the wind holds you dear. Listen to my song and let go of all of it you fear. Your past cannot be undone, there is no room for that, but listen and hold tight to my words. All that is uncertain will be spun from the finest silk. A golden tapestry worn from the lineage of kings and queens. I promise, child, stay a tuned in me. Patience sweet young child and you will see all that is ripe is meant for thee.”

Thank you mother

Lost, faded jewel bows to pray

Lost in the forest

She carries on another day

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