10 signs you’re exactly like Hannah from girls

As I lay on my bedroom floor scooping spoonfuls of cool whip into my mouth and procrastinating from writing my 10 page essay and dealing with my recent unemployment by flipping through cheap magazines- it dawns on me- I’m exactly like Hannah from GIRLS. If you are a huge fan of GIRLS, you’d know that, Hannah, the main character, represents the loveable and sometimes not so lovable depiction of what it means to be a real girl. She is quirky, messy, spirited and disorganized.

Ten Signs You're just like Hannah Horvath

Ten Signs you’re exactly like Hannah from girls:

1. You’re not willing to give up on your dreams

Everyone knows that Hannah has a variety of different job opportunities from publishing her own novel, to working for a pervert, to working as a copy writer at GQ. Hannah doesn’t settle but instead remains incredibly selfish in her pursuit for what makes her happy, and I think a women in her early 20s deserves to be a little selfish. However, don’t let that selfishness take you too far because you will remain unemployed.

Ten Signs you're just like Hannah horvath

2. You’ve had se with that one guy… and then made him your boyfriend.

That’s right. The guy that was always meant to be a one night stand or a quick lay. Who says things like, “I like it when you stick a pickle in my special spot.” Those guys. Adam on girls is a representation of the guy you should never date. However, if you’re are anything like me or Hannah Horvac from GIRLS… You some how find your self in a pro-longed on again off again relationship with these guys. It could be your giant heart or your inability to understand what is good for you. But nonetheless you are currently sitting next to Chuck, listening to him as he complains about his failed production of Le Miz for the 5th time.

Ten Signs you're just like Hannah Horvath

ten signs you're just like Hannah Horvath

3. You eat your feelings

It’s been a long week. What’s for breakfast? Two candy bars, oreo ice cream and a glass of wine. Thank you adulthood.
Ten Signs you're just like Hannah Horvath

4. You have the best gay best friend in the world

You and your gay best friend are a classic bonnie and clyde. He is your everything and supports you in everything that you do. Whether it be real life situations of your best friend popping all your pimples before you see an ex, who looks like a dwarf, at a cocktail party. Or Elijah from girls who is down for any escapade that Hannah throws at him. The two of you are just meant for each other.

5. You’ve questioned your father’s sexuality

Have you ever had a dream where your dad tells you he is gay? Have you ever questioned if your fathers obsession with project runway was really because of Heidi Klum or Tim Gunn? Well, for Hannah these questions became a reality in the last season of GIRLS when her father came out to her family. If you’re questioning your father’s sexuality. Just look to GIRLS they’ll have the answers.

6. You’re incredibly talented, you just need a direction

I blame this on the job market, or it may be the simple truth that you or I are directionless. We’ve been spoon feed everything in our lives, and the daunting pressure of getting a real job and becoming successful is making us hide like children underneath the covers. A lesson I’ve learned from Hannah is, don’t miss out on any opportunities. Stick your nose out there and get what is yours. You deserve it. (Tells herself eight times, while looking in the mirror, contemplating her own OCD.)


7. You’re a narcissist for thinking you are more talented than everyone else

The simple truth might be you’re not that talented. It is just your overestimation of your own abilities that has you and everyone else thinking you might be something. And that is what has made you incredibly selfish. Take a step back and look at the life you’re trying to lead and see if you need to be a little humbler about who you are. Then once you figure that out. Embrace it. And love who you are.

ten signs you're just like Hannah Horvath

8. You’ve got a little extra pushing for the cushion

Embrace your 10 pounds over-weight gorgeous body. That is all.

Ten Signs you're just like Hannah horvath

9. You’ve ‘forgotten’ your wallet going out to eat with your parents

admit it. You didn’t really forget your wallet. You still let your parents get the bill. Cheers to that.

10.  You’re going to be alright.

Tout ira bien.

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