In the Garden

IMG_0906Patience is like a stolen kiss
Laying in subtle anticipation of springs soft bloom
In the garden, hatched wings take flight and soar like winds of paradise
Laying in the long dust sprinkled grass
The sun grasps and sways to suck the living tongue of the moon
Her cheek golden like the pearl pricked softly from the wafting waves of the sea
My jeweled heart taken by the early morning
A glance of longing truth that howls in the darkness day
And I love them all as if they were my own- they themselves may never know what they have done for me- but by just breathing they give me life to breathe
A sneeze spotted smile
And I can be wise, amazed, temperate and furiously still- in essence we’re still parts of things – but parts of things unknown
Loyal and natural like innocence in the dusk of springs first love
Stored quickly away making the stone cold heart warm and brave enough to spare the arrow and gain courage to make its true convictions known.

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