The Gardener

Poetry about Love

I’ll never forget you

Sweet, loving Gardner

The day you stumbled into my luscious greens adorned in petals

A secret garden few have ventured to go –

blessed only by my soul

You sat beneath the Hawthorne tree-

unaware of what you found-

Yet, still, you tended to the weeds that grew upon my ground

Pruning the petals and cutting the thorns

Blooming bushes-




effortlessly and without thought-

And when you tired, you would sit at my fountain and drink from me

Holding innocence in your hands

You sipped my nectar

like the blessed water meant to cure all sorrow

Sipping the life and agency of a precious morrow’

Take my vile and lay it by your chest

Take my source and drink without rest

and in times of bleak un-expectancy

sit in my garden and think of me

stay in my garden until you’re old and grey

take my trails and wash your pain away

And I’ll be the moon and you the wolf

alive you’re loved and whole as can be

and I’ll pray one day you’ll howl for me

And if you ever lose your way

Sweet, loving Gardner

look towards the light and there I’ll be

whole in the garden

waiting for you to play with me

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