Being Stylish is Owning Who You Are

Dress like a rock star

Being stylish isn’t about anything other than two very important and distinct things:

  1. Owning who you are 
  2. Being your true authentic self 

Dressing like a rockstar is as simple as being comfortable in your own skin. To be stylish,  is to relinquish the fear of trying something new, while putting yourself out there and staying true to who you are. This weekend I worked with artists from the indie-electronic band Sloom shooting a music video, directed by Ryan Orenstein, and I was so inspired by how the artists dressed and styled themselves according to how they felt that day.

The concept of the shoot directed by, Ryan Orenstein, founder of production company #LineCreative was to expose the elements of the dark feminine mystique. Artists of all genres have been seen encompassing these looks from Lady Gaga, Rihanna to Lorde. Female vocalist, Lauren Bruno, was dressed in a black, spandex swim garment that was arranged with cut-outs on her stomach.

For artists like lead vocalist, Lauren Bruno, appealing to the male-gaze was not apart of what made her feel sexy. Her style was complimented to fit the artistic vision of her pieces and she encompasses those motifs throughout her daily wardrobe. From eye-ball earring to crazy socks, Bruno, seems to always be expressing her soul through her out choices.

Dress Like a Rockstar

This is model Torri Blake in a vintage dress and fur coat. The combination of the gold and fur is very reminiscent of Hollywood Glamour. Her makeup is done by make-up artist, Renee Lather’s, a look achieved with red lips, gold shimmering and contour high-lighting. Her hair was curled with a hot iron.

Dress Like a Rockstar  Dress Like a Rockstar  Dress like a rock star Dress Like a Rockstar Dress Like a Rockstar

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