Dallas’ Bishop Arts District: Zola’s Everyday Vintage

Renascentia Fashionista

Zola’s Everyday Vintage 

Located in Dallas’ Bishop Arts District, Zola’s Everyday Vintage is a unique and refreshing vintage  shopping destination that highlights the classic vintage style that is loved today. Named after the owners, Annette Norman and Diedra Sutton’s, grandmother, who was quite the high-ponytail and poodle skirt wearing girl back in her day.

Zola’s carries vintage clothes for women, including blouses, trousers, hats, lingerie and delicate pieces. Zola’s also carries clothing for men, including trousers, suits, jackets, hats and more.

Featured in American Express’s Departure’s World’s Top Vintage Stores

Renascentia Fashionista

What we Liked:

Zola’s was full of classic 1950s attire, including the most decadent and divine kimonos with pin-on fur cuffs. These pieces were to die for and if I had the pocket book, I would have left with three or four. What was also great about Zola’s was the condition of their clothing, even the shoes which were hand-picked from the ’50s were in absolute wonderful conditions.

Renascentia Fashionista



What Others Liked: 

Not only is this store a favorite of Renascentia Fashionista’s but it has been a favorite of many others to, on a review from yelp.com, Melody L. from Los Angeles, California, rated Zola’s with five-stars.

“This five stars is not only for the sweet employees, awesome location in the Bishop Arts District, and thuper thweet collection of gorgeous floor length coats, but for that awesome-I-gotta-have-it-gimme-gimme-ooh-did-you-­see-this calf length suede and leather Armani skirt. 80 bucks, dawg, Melody L. said.” “Not bad at all.”

“I just had to exhale again. That skirt gets me so riled up I don’t even know what to do with myself.”

Slideshow weekend at Bishop Art’s District with my Mom.

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