The only dance there is

This is a book I am reading about being one with yourself and everything around you. In the book, author Ram Dass, speaks about our inner conscious he says, “consciousness does not mean attachment to polarity, at any level. It means freedom from attachment.” He says that the highest member of any group is the member with the highest level of consciousness. Meditation is a tool that is used to bring yourself down to earth, and see the possibility of the life you have now. Not the life you wish you had, or the life you could have had but the beautiful life you have now. You free yourself of what it means and live for what it is. Set aside the labels that you have for yourself like “neurotic,” “good,” “bad,” or anything and see the person you are from the inside. Realize that you are nothing more than life. Life like the life that breathes through the leafs of trees. Your heartbeat beats with the earth… One inner connected organism of life.  Nothing more than love and light enters your soul as you breathe a deep breath; the breathe of the earth. 

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